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How it works

  1. Scan your beacon and you give it a name like "Jenny's Suitcase"
  2. Save the beacon and optionally configure more
  3. Put your beacon(s) in your suitcase(s)
  4. Enjoy your trip to your destination
  5. At the luggage belt wait until you get a notification from Luggo
  6. Check the radar screen to see if your suitcase is close by
  7. Once close enough, calmly walk to the luggage belt to pick your suitcase
  8. Enjoy continuing your travels or have a save trip home!

What it looks like

1. Search beacons
2. Register found beacon
3. Put beacon in your luggage
4. See when your luggage arrived!

About luggo

The new way of tracking your luggage is here: Luggo!

Luggo allows you to assign your beacon (of any brand) to a suitcase. After assigning your beacons you place the beacons in your suitcase(s) and while you are waiting for your luggage to arrive at the luggage belt, you will get a notification when your suitcase(s) are in range. No more pushing yourself upfront at the luggage belt, but patiently and comfortably wait until your suitcase(s) are close by and pick them up at ease!

Don't have a beacon? Don't worry, you can order them in our webstore, either through the app, or directly at

With Luggo you can

  • Register any iBeacon into the app, which then you can put in your luggage for tracking
  • Buy beacons if you do not have an iBeacon yet (in our webshop -
  • Edit and maintain the iBeacons that you own, by adding, deleting and renaming them
  • View your suitcases, named by yourself, on a radar screen telling you at what distance your suitcases are away from you
  • Supported beacons

  • LuggoBeacons (
  • Apple AirLocate standard set beacons
  • Estimote
  • Glimworm
  • Kontakt
  • Radius
  • BeaconInside
  • Roximity
  • Sensorberg
  • SmartBeacon
  • Todd/Todally
  • BleuUp
  • Stick n Find
  • And if yours is not in the list, we will gladly add the beacon and update the app! Just send us a message.